How to Use Your Child Theme on Another WordPress Site

How to Use Your Child Theme on Another WordPress Site
Cherelle Delossantos

WordPress is a great CMS that comes with set of frameworks, themes, modules and plugins to implement any complex business requirements. It is a flexible platform that allows a CMS developer to customize any functionality according to the requirements. A child theme in WordPress allows a developer to inherit all the functionality, features, and the code of the parent theme without making any changes to the parent theme itself. This feature helps to create a theme that is most suitable to a business without compromising on security. For large organization with multiple websites, WordPress provides an option to use the same child theme with other websites to better the consistency among different websites. The child themes can be modified further as per the requirements. I feel this to be a great feature that even CMS development companies can adopt to deliver websites with great features.

How To Create And Customize A WordPress Child Theme
Lynsey Colson

Granted, it could use some styling, but you get the idea. You can use this method to make all kinds of changes to your website. Just remember to give the child theme the same folder tree structure as the parent. For example, if a file you want to modify is found in a folder named page-templates in the parent theme, then you would create a folder of the same name in your child theme’s directory and place the file there.

Child Themes – What They Are, How to Use Them, and Why
Francisco Carrington

Hi,Unfortunately, the only way is to migrate manually the changes you made in the parent theme files to the child theme. To do this, you need to copy the modified file from parent theme folder to the child theme, respecting the file directory. You can use specific tools, like Beyond Compare to easily find your changes. In case you made changes in the ‘style.css’ file in the parent theme, you don’t need to copy the ‘style.css’ in the child, as it already exists there, just copy the modified styles in style.css from the child theme. However, for more guidelines on this migration, you should contact the support team of your theme provider. Thanks for your patience.

Why and how to use WordPress child theme?
Lyndia Woodruff

Installing a child theme is same as installing a usual WordPress theme. But remember, you need to install the parent theme first, then install and activate the child theme. Then you can just copy the files to the child theme directory and then edit them. You can also use the style.css file (in the child theme directory) to simply input individual code snippets. It requires a bit development knowledge, but it’s really worth. 

WordPress Child Theme – Getting Started Guide
Bess Negron

In simple words, a child theme is a WordPress theme that borrows template files and other relevant functionality from a different theme. Thus, let us say, if we were to create a custom theme that borrows functionality and templates from Twenty Seventeen, the WordPress default theme, our new theme will be called a child theme of Twenty Seventeen, which in turn shall be termed the parent theme for our child theme.

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