How to Use the Plugin Organizer to Speed Up Your WordPress Site

How to Use the Plugin Organizer to Speed Up Your WordPress Site
Cora Mullins

This may be the greatest READ for any newcomer to WP. When I first started as a WordPress Designer/Planner I would use tons of plugins – some of them overlapped in what they could do, but you needed yet another because one would do what another wouldn’t (did that make sense?). Over time – I started to learn to develop my own plugins (yes, this takes time…but worth it). So I could make my own functionality… this plugin is awesome because it takes the old me…and makes him likable again

How to Use the Plugin Organizer to Speed Up Your WordPress Site
Eileen Guerrero

One of the most common questions we have is how many WordPress plugins are too numerous? The two things most users are concerned about WordPress security and how plugins can influence speed and performance? All good WordPress plugins are coded to be loaded on your website only when necessary. You can see our infographic on how WordPress loads( behind the scenes) plugins. WordPress does not load inactive plugins, Speed Up Your WordPress Site meaning that they do not affect the performance of your website. It loads all active plugins, which then execute their code if necessary.

How to Use The Plugin Organizer To Speed Up Your WordPress Site?
Arianna Melancon

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How to Speed Up Your WordPress Website
Regina Guzman

Hi Colin, I have an issue with elementor plugin and autoptimize. Features like accordeon do not work when jg optimization is active. When deactivating then everything works fine, however my page speed and performance at gtmetrix decreases significantly. Is there anythig I can do to allow js optimization and elemntor feature accordeon are working without conflict? May I however exclude elementor js from js optimization in autoptimize plugin? any other ideas? Tks Tatjana

How to Speed Up Your Website With the Plugin Organizer
Nedra Vanhorn

Speeding up your website is important. It directly affects your SEO ranking and every visitor likes a fast website. The longer a page takes to load, the more likely a visitor will leave. An extra second may not seem like a lot, but when you load multiple pages, it adds up fast.  While optimizing your plugin usage is great, you should also consider reducing the number of plugins you use. Many plugins can be replicated with very simple code to reduce the number of plugins needed.

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