How to use Shortcodes in your WordPress Themes

How to use Shortcodes in your WordPress Themes
Lottie Horne

Recently, we got a request from a user asking how they could use WordPress shortcodes in their WordPress themes. Shortcode is a special tag that you can enter into a post that gets replaced with different content when actually viewing the post on the website. If you have ever embedded a WordPress gallery on your blog, then you’ve already seen the built in shortcode. Check out our article on adding shortcodes in your themes.

How to Use Shortcodes in WordPress
Nora Coleman

Imagine you made a plugin that lets users create a contact form. Now, you need a way for them to add it to their site. You could force them to publish a special “Contact” page, but what if they want to display other text above/below the form? What if they want to call it something other than “Contact”, or add the form to multiple pages?

What Are Shortcodes in WordPress? Explained for Beginners
Serina Etheridge

For example, Shortcodes Ultimate is an excellent free plugin that adds more than 50 shortcodes to your site. Some provide simple features such as headings, lists, or quotes, while others offer more complex functionality like sliders, carousels, and animations. Placing these shortcodes is easy, since Shortcodes Ultimate adds a new button to the WordPress editor that simplifies the process. There are even optional add-ons if you want more choices.

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