How to Use Google Matched Content to Show Related Posts in WordPress

Google Matched Content to Show Related Posts in WordPress
Karleen Curran

Did you know that you can use Google AdSense to also show related posts in WordPress? Matched Content is a Google AdSense feature that allows you to show related posts in WordPress while also make money by displaying ads alongside. In this article, we will show you how to easily use Google Matched Content to show related posts in WordPress. You'll use this on your site or not, it depends only on you, but we are think that this article can be interesting and useful for you.

WordPress Related Posts using Google Ads Matched Content
Regina Guzman

There are many WordPress plugins available on the market to show related posts. We have seen one of those plugins YARPP to display related posts below post content area. Google Ads provides the Matched Content feature to display related posts on our websites. Using Google Ads Matched Content service we can have better relevancy between the currently viewing content and the resultant related post. It reduces the server loads because of using WordPress plugins and increases the efficiency. We can display Google ads with the related posts units that give money and promote our growth in revenue aspect.

How to Add Adsense Matched Content to Your WordPress Website
Harmony Childress

There are two places recommended to place the unit. The first is right under the post where related posts are shown. The second area is in the sidebar. You need not worry about the amount of space the unit will take up if you’ve set the sizing to be “Responsive.” However, if you choose to place it in the sidebar, make sure the width of the sidebar is above 300px. Otherwise, it will cut the post titles and the feature image will look smaller.

How to set up AdSense Matched Content Ads in WordPress
Lynsey Colson

AdSense Matched Content ads are a native ad format that engages users and helps to increase ad revenue. Placed below the content, it recommends more of your articles to keep users longer on your site and displays relevant ads at the same time.

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