How to Use English WordPress Admin on a Multilingual Site

How to Use English WordPress Admin on a Multilingual Site
Phyllis Cohen

Nice article. The guidelines are really insightful. WordPress is a great enterprise content management system that is capable of creating powerful websites. The flexibility and ease of use makes it a popular CMS across the enterprises. The inbuilt framework, themes, modules and plugins make it easier for a developer to implement any complex scenario through an effortless dashboard. WordPress’ ability to manage multilingual websites make it a go-to CMS for large businesses who are striving to make a strong presence globally. WP offers various options at different places that help a developer to switch between the languages whenever needed. The first option is available right at the installation time that asks to select a language, while there are options available within the admin panel as well as in the post edit screen. There are plugins that allows to translate the entire website without taking much of the time. This makes WordPress a great user friendly option.

How to Use English WordPress Admin on a Multilingual Site
Eileen Guerrero

In conclusion, perhaps the obvious thing. In order to maintain your website on WordPress themes or WooCommerce templates in multiple languages, you need at least intermediate level to know these languages. After all, the automatic translation, though growing, still leaves much to be desired. If there are any questions please visit our forum or leave a request in the Tech Support.
Amira Kimmel

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