How to Use Contact Form to Grow Your Email List in WordPress

How to Use Contact Form to Grow Your Email List in WordPress
Jannie Goff

Thank you for all your blog posts. But especially for this one. I’m loving the WPforms plugin and have switched to using it exclusively. I didn’t realize I could do this. Connecting to Mail Chimp is great. Many of my clients are using it. But is there an add on for Constant Contact?

How to Use Contact Form to Grow Your Email List in WordPress
Aurora Delacruz

So, there are no doubts that email is really matters when it comes to revenue and business growth. The Radicati Group, a technology market research firm, reported that by 2020 3 billion people will be using email. It is almost half of the world’s population!
Sherrie Bollinger

Report of values for a selected field: Select any of the contact form fields and other information fields (like date, IP address, hours) to get a report of how many times each value have been entered or selected. This is very useful if you form is used as a poll to get feedback from users, it makes easy to generate a report on selectable contact form fields. This report can be used also to study the most common data entered in the contact form and get a better idea of your customer’s profile and needs.

How Contact Forms Can Grow Your Email List in WordPress
Regina Guzman

The integration tab will allow you to integrate your contact form with email marketing services. Signing up for the email marketing services like MailChimp is a separate process. The free version will only allow you to integrate with one email marketing service. If you would like to use a different service, like MailChimp, you must upgrade to the pro version. Once you have signed up for the service of your choice, you can find it on this page. Click on the service you want to integrate with.

5 Tips to Grow Your Email List With WordPress
Sparkle Field

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