How to Use Antispam Bee to Block Spam Comments in WordPress

How to Use Antispam Bee to Block Spam Comments in WordPress
Melania Tripp

Hi Syed,
I love the name of Antispam Bee and really want to install it, but do I need to if I already have Akismet? I’m no expert and really have no idea what any of the plug-ins that have been recommended to me to get actually do, so I’m definitely bowing to your superior knowledge here with this question.
Greta Nielsen

If WordPress is operated with Apache + Varnish, the actual IP address of the visitors does not appear in WordPress. Accordingly the Antispam-Plugin lacks the base for the correct functionality. An adaptation in the Varnish configuration file /etc/varnish/default.vcl provides a remedy and forwards the original (not from Apache) IP address in the HTTP header X-Forwarded-For:

How to Use Antispam Bee to Block Spam Comments in WordPress
Johanna Colon

This setting will enable you to support remarks from clients with a particular Gravatar picture and posting legitimate remarks. It is indistinguishable procedure from endorsed analysts, yet with this setting the module will recollect the Gravatar of the reliable remark producers.

How to Block Spam Comments With Antispam Bee in WordPress
Eliana Ohara

When first entering the main settings page, you will notice the number of options you can change. The plugin breaks its options into three columns which include the Antispam Filter, Advanced, and More columns. Each one of these has a unique purpose that can help your website. The default options in this plugin will meet most websites’ needs and you may not feel the need to change too much, but I will go through each of the options so you have a better understanding of what each one entails.

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