How to Upload Photos from Adobe Lightroom to WordPress

How to Upload Photos from Adobe Lightroom to WordPress
Pat Sullivan

Many photographers use Adobe Lightroom to edit photos before uploading them to WordPress. While editing photos is essential, manually uploading them to WordPress can be a time drain. In this article, we will show you how to easily upload photos from Adobe Lightroom to WordPress with just one click.

How to Upload Photos Directly From Lightroom to WordPress
Classie Dover

Firmware Update for Ricoh GR III. Ricoh has released v.1.20 firmware for the Ricoh GR III. It adds a couple of new features: grain effect and horizon correction. You can find more info on them here [PDF]. And these are listed as the improvements and fixes: “From the power off state, the start-up time when starting by pressing and holding the Playback button has been shortened. Improved the response of the release when shooting subjects with different brightness continuously. In [Auto-area AF], improved the phenomenon that the focus on behind in rare cases. Improved stability for general performance.” I’m looking forward to testing out the focus fix–it’s an issue I’ve run into too often. You can get the firmware update here.

How to Upload Photos Directly from Lightroom to WordPress
Alanna Marrero

How can I keep my uploaded photos synced with changes I make in LR? Image adjustments sync when I re-publish, but not keywords, titles, or captions. More strange, when I do a caption or keyword change in LR to an already-published image and then re-publish, my WP dashboard shows the change to the file in the media folder, but NOT in the relevant gallery – which shows an “x” in the image edit box instead of the image and still retains the metadata fields from the preceding upload.

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Vella Whalen

I don’t understand why you don’t just create a “Publishing Plugin”… All the competition has them. They are endlessly more versatile and useful for use than a clumsy export plugin. Seems kinda useless when compared to what I can do with so many other online selling platforms who do have LR publishing plugins.

From Lightroom to WordPress: How to Create SEO-Optimized Images
Karla Simmons

Think of a caption as the text that shows immediately after an image that provides further commentary. Captions aren’t added directly to an image tag directly, but certainly do supplement it. In HTML5, the <figcaption> tag is part of the <figure> group, which is even better. You can learn more about how to write effective captions in Dawn Oosterhoff’s Caption, Description, Title, ALT: How to Add Semantic Information to Images. Writing a strong caption is one of the most under-rated skills, one that’s useful for every photographer!

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Jennefer Guerin

Once the install is complete, head to your new WP/LR Sync admin panel on your WordPress dashboard. The first screen you’ll see is the Extensions tab. This contains additional functionality for WP/LR Sync, and we recommend installing the Post Types extension. Simply put, this enables you to sync your images in Lightroom with whatever post type your theme uses to assign photos to.

How to Upload Your Photos to Your WordPress Web Site from Lightroom
Eliana Ohara

So let’s go back to Lightroom and get our first gallery online. Select the photos you want to upload and then click File > Export. At the top of the window you’ll see the Export To pulldown menu. Select FTP Upload from the list. If you don’t see it, something went wrong earlier. Try the install again. Here you can set all the usual upload settings including file size, compression and all that good stuff. One key I do recommend is to use sRGB as your Color Space. A lot of servers don’t do well converting other color spaces. I’ve had the best success with sRGB for these uploads. Since this first gallery is for review, I’ll keep the files smaller by selecting 80 for quality and resizing the long edge to 1800 and a resolution of 240. This will keep my files smaller and not take up as much web space. I’ll cover what to do to provide final download files later in the article.

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