How to Upload PDF Files to Your WordPress Site

How to Upload PDF Files to Your WordPress Site
Karleen Curran

We use WordPress for our blog. The blog is maintained by one individual but the posts are written by numerous other people and emailed to the person in charge of maintaining the blog. Our posts are written with images placed in specific areas within the text, some have frames, and some have citations with the image. They are written using Word with images inserted into the appropriate place within the text.

How to Upload PDF Files to WordPress
Faustina Sadler

Current plugin options offer standard viewing of a .PDF, with the screen set into the body of the page, and a range of other options such as downloading all or some of your posts and pages as PDF files, protecting your content with watermarks, and providing thumbnails of your PDF’s cover or first pages in a gallery setup. Some viewers can handle many pages of PDF quickly and efficiently, and most include a full range of tools to zoom, select, scroll or even highlight. Other helpful plugins can expand your website’s search capabilities to include the text in your PDF files, or link subscription popups to a free PDF file of your content as a gift to new users.
Mattie Miles

The following process describes inserting a download link to a file which already exists on another web site. This method will not upload the document/file to your blog’s Media Library; as such, if the file is removed from its location, your link will appear broken. This is not recommended unless you know the file will always be available at the specified location.

How to Upload PDF Files to Your WordPress Site – Short Course
Eliana Ohara

If you have a WordPress website/blog and you really want to upload some PDF-files into your posts/pages, then WordPress will allow you to easily those files and even make them available for download. So, in this article I’m going to provide you with different methods on how to upload PDF-files into your WordPress website/blog without stressing yourself:

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