How to Upload Large Images in WordPress

How to Upload Large Images in WordPress
Annie Bowen

Nothing works to upload large files on my GoDaddy WordPress multi-site account running the new version of php. I certainly can’t add directly though my WordPress media browser, so I upload the recommended way via FTP first. The problem is I can’t get the files from my ftp folder to the WordPress media browser. Very little relevant information is posted about the topic online. The recommended “Add from server” plugin does not work. The backup version does not work. The developer does not know. I have all my settings at the right levels in the cPanel configuration settings. I verified with GoDaddy three times. GoDaddy said I can’t do anything more on the hosting end and that it should work. Since the actual php.ini file is not accessible in GoDaddy, creating a new php5.ini or regular php.ini is recommended for GoDaddy servers, but this does not work for me. I can’t edit my actual php.ini file as the video shows. My files size a 150MB mp4 video file and can’t get it much smaller. I adjusted all of the WordPress settings for uploading large files and video files. This did not work. Does anybody know what to do? In the meantime, I am trying to find an another plugin that actually works.

How to upload large images in WordPress
Naomi Pratt

We will show you a few simple step steps that could help. To resolve this case you will need to increase upload maximum file size, post maximum size, and maximum execution time limits for your website.We strongly recommend you to contact your hosting provider and ask them to change those values for you. Otherwise, you can do the following:

How to Upload Large Images in WordPress
Alanna Marrero

Thank you for this info, much easier than expected! I just tried on several .htaccess files in my cpanel file manager (inmotion hosting). Had to edit then undo several times because adding the code for this procedure caused a 500 error. Turns out, since I’m using InMotion’s BoldGrid as an editor, I had to choose the .htaccess file within the BoldGrid “inspirations” (themes) folder and it worked! Now the limit is 128MB! It works! But I can’t edit the extra large images, oh well… thanks again!

How to Upload Large Image Files in WordPress
Malinda Lumpkin

That’s all. We hope this tutorial has helped you to learn how to upload large image files in WordPress. You may also want to check out our guide on how to wrap text around images in WordPress. In case, your images are loading slow in WordPress, you should check this ultimate guide to boost speed and performance.

Graph Paper Press
Kerry Reeves

WordPress also includes functionality to build a gallery directly from a post or page. You just need to select the images you want to include and click “Create a new gallery”. While this is fine for basic thumbnail galleries in your blog posts, you’ll probably want more control over the look and operation for your main site gallery. You can achieve this using a WordPress portfolio theme, GPP Slideshow or one of the many WordPress gallery plugins available.

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