How to Track User Engagement in WordPress with Google Analytics

How to Track User Engagement with Google Analytics
Monnie William

I think that bounce rate must be the most mysterious factor to try and track. I run a service based business which relies heavily on internet traffic. My bounce rate has historically been in the 40-50% range which seems good typically. However I also run a forum on the site, so it’s impossible to tell if it’s just a few new forum members who’ve browsed a hundred threads over the course of a few weeks and thrown the whole thing off. I’ve pretty much written bounce rate off as irrelevant to me.

How to Track User Engagement in WordPress using Google Analytics?
Arianna Melancon

Exit pages are the pages where users click the Exit icon and leave your site. Normally, they’re taken as the least engaging pages on your site; however, that may not always be the case. If the page has no links, buttons, CTAs to click through, or the user completes a purchase, exit on that page can be a perfectly normal thing.

But, if a content-rich page with lots of CTA elements has the high exit rate, you can consider them to be the least engaging pages.

Track User Engagement in WordPress with Google Analytics 7 Reports
Tasha Martin

3. How to track E-Commerce with Google Analytics?

Google Analytics provides outstanding facility to track the E-Commerce progress in just settings of few seconds. The enhanced E-Commerce tracking lets you track the shopping behaviour, checkout behaviour, product lists performance, sales performance, and the list goes on and on. The best way would be combining all the necessary data to get better insight.

How To Track Content Engagement with Google Analytics
Tisa Yeager

Bounces and exits do not figure in to Google Analytics’ Time on Page calculation. If your content page has a high Bounce Rate or Exit Rate, then the Avg. Time on Page calculation is going to be based on a small sample of Pageviews. It would be much more accurate to have a timing metric calculated from all the Pageviews. For that, we need to know how much time is spent on a page that the visitor exits from. Since Google Analytics has no way, out of the box, of knowing how much time is spent on an exit page [reference], it excludes those Pageviews from the calculation.

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