How to Track Outbound Links in WordPress

How to Track Outbound Links in WordPress
Sylvie Britt

Do you want to track outbound links in WordPress? Outbound links are the links that take users away from your website. These could be links to affiliate products, social networks, or simply other websites that you have linked to from your website. In this article, we will show you how to easily track outbound links in WordPress to see which outbound links get the most clicks.

How (And Why) to Track Outbound Links in WordPress
Joann Townsend

Having this information, you can perform a lot of valuable optimizations, all of them a result of you learning how to track outbound links in WordPress. For instance, you can: optimize your affiliate links for more clicks, reach out to people who get a lot of those external clicks and suggest some partnership or other arrangement, plan your own content based on the external links that people click the most, and a lot more.

Get Click Analytics: How to Track Outbound Links in WordPress
Kristyn Barrios

Ever wished that you could track outbound link clicks on WordPress and have the data show up right in your Google Analytics dashboard? Google Analytics makes it so simple to find out how people click around your own site. But when it comes time for them to head somewhere else, Google Analytics leaves you high and dry with respect to click analytics!

Can You Track Outbound Links In WordPress?
Desiree Johnson

Understanding how your visitors are interacting with your website is important. This gives you valuable information in a variety of different ways. One great thing about keeping tabs on your outbound links is that this information can help you to identify which pages are generating the affiliate-type traffic. This can help you in designing future pages, but it can also help you to improve the existing ones that aren’t doing as well.

Two Ways To Track Clicks On Outbound & Internal Links In WordPress
Cristina Cox

MonsterInsights is an extremely popular, fast and quite powerful google analytics plugin for WordPress. With this plugin, you can easily add the google analytics tracking code to your blog and the intuitive custom dashboard will show you the latest analytics data without you leaving your WordPress dashboard.

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