How To Switch/Convert Custom Post Types in WordPress

How to switch / convert Custom Post Types In WordPress
Tisa Yeager

Custom post type is one of the most powerful feature of wordpress that give its developer immense power to customize this very simple to use blogging platform to convert it to suite any requirement. Premiums Themes and plugins do use custom post types to store testimonials, photo galleries, portfolios, companies profiles, this list is endless.

How To Switch or Convert Custom Post Types in WordPress
Sparkle Field

WordPress comes with five default post types and the ability to create custom post types. This gives great control over your content but sometimes you may want to go back and change the post type of something you previously wrote. In this video, we will show you how to switch or convert custom post types in WordPress.

How to Switch Custom Post Types to Other in WordPress
Monnie William

After you install and activate the plugin, you need to just go to the post edit page which you want to switch to specified post type. In the post edit page, you will get a post type feature in the publish meta section of right sidebar as given in the image below.

There you can find and select your post type from the “Post Type” drop-down to switch. After you select your required post type, you need to just click on the “Update” button given in the publish meta box. This will change your post type to the selected post type.

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