How to Switch from JetPack Subscription to MailChimp, AWeber, etc

How to Switch from JetPack Subscription to MailChimp, AWeber, etc
Allene Boynton

When starting your blog, often beginners use JetPack email subscription feature. However as your blog grow, you quickly realize that you need a real and powerful email subscription service. Recently one of our users asked us if there was a way to move their JetPack subscribers to an email provider like MailChimp, AWeber, etc. In this article, we will show you how to switch from JetPack subscriptions to MailChimp, AWeber, etc so you can have full control over your email list and get maximum benefits.

How to Move from Mailchimp to AWeber
Mamie Mitchell

Confirmed opt-in is a setting that requires your subscribers to confirm they want to be on your email list. If you have this setting turned on, people will automatically receive an email when they’re added to your email list. This email contains a link or button that your subscribers must click to confirm they want to join your list.

How to Switch From Aweber to MailChimp
Janet Alexander

Fortunately this is the easiest part of migrating from Aweber to MailChimp. Aweber makes it simple to export your entire list to a single zipped folder which includes both all of the relevant information for the subscriber you got when they first subscribed with your old client as well as all of your broadcast (one off) and autoresponder emails (in both HTML and text formats). Note that this will encompass all of your lists at once rather than having to do it for each individual list.

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