How to Style Tags in WordPress

How to Style Tags in WordPress
Linda Phillips

I’m struggling with adding this, and I believe it’s with how my ‘Chosen’ Theme is limiting me. I’ve copied & pasted all into my php, & it is giving me errors left and right. I’m currently being told that there is an unknown “.” in this detail. Is there any way to format this without using the “.”s before .taglink, .tagbox, & .tagcount?

How to Style WordPress Tags
Kerry Reeves

Tags are a form of taxonomies that WordPress uses to help you organize your content for visitors. They are closely related to categories and subcategories and using both on your website is a great idea and will help you set up an easy to understand hierarchy for content. Staying organized helps your visitors, but it also helps search engines and your website. By tracking which tags are the most popular you can list more content under that tag to get more views. Search engines love organization and that will help you get more web traffic through search engines like Google and Bing.

How to Display Most Popular Tags in WordPress
Perla Thorne

Do you want to display the most popular tags used on your WordPress site? Tags and categories are the two default ways to sort your content in WordPress. Categories often get more exposure due to their broader scope, which gives tags a little less attention. In this article, we will show you how to easily display your most popular tags in WordPress.

Simple WordPress Themes
Glenda Logan

Awhile back, I was inspired by the beautiful work of Orman Clark over at Premium Pixels.
Personally, I prefer Fireworks over Photoshop for Web design, but every once in awhile, I see people doing things in Photoshop that really challenges me to attempt the same effect in Fireworks (especially when I can apply it to WordPress).

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