How to Stop Users From Sharing Passwords in WordPress

How to Stop Users From Sharing Passwords in WordPress
Christie Morgan

I’ve tested the plugin ‘Prevent Concurrent Logins’ but am in doubt of really using it.
The thing that bothers me the most, is that every New session is honored in favour of an Old (existing) session.
This means that a user who is successfully logged-in gets locked out as soon as someone else is logging in with the same credentials. In my opinion this not very user friendly, and actually it should work the other way around.
When a user (B) is trying to log in by using the same credentials from a user (A) who is already logged in, user B should get a warning that logging in with these credentials is not possible at the moment because someone else (user A) is using it.
This keeps user A logged in

How to Stop Users From Sharing Passwords in WordPress
Pat Sullivan

By default users can login to an account from multiple locations at the same time. This may compromise security for your multi-author or membership site. In this video, we will show you how to stop users from sharing passwords in WordPress.

How To Prevent Users From Sharing WordPress Passwords
Milda Layman

Here is the problem. If you have accessed your site from a public location and out of habit clicked on the “Remember Me” button, then anyone from that computer you used can now log in to your WordPress user account because WordPress allows the same user to be logged inform two different locations.

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