How to Stop Spam Registrations on your WordPress Membership Site

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Francisco Carrington

User email confirmation or activation is a potent measure in blocking spam registrations. It requires all new users to click a confirmation link sent to their email in order to confirm or verify their email addresses before their accounts are activated, spam bots are less likely to get through this security.

How to Stop Spam Registrations on your WordPress Membership Site
Renea Bedford

For most blogs comment spam is the largest issue for them to deal with. Rarely are there methods to stop spam signups for sites with free signups. In this video, we will show you how to stop spam registrations on your WordPress membership site.

How to stop Registration Spams on your WordPress Website?
Classie Dover

One of the easiest and most common ways to block the spam bots is by using the Google reCAPTCHA. It is a system developed by Google to distinguish whether a user is a human or not. It uses many techniques to determine the user as a human. The most common method is to use the “I’m not a Robot” checkbox. After the user checks into it, he or she will have to select some images out of a given set of 9 images. This task can only be performed and completed by humans. Any attempt by a bot will surely lead to its failure. So, if the WordPress registration spam is created with the spambots, they will never be able to pass this obstacle.

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