How to Start a WordPress Podcast With Simple Podcast Press Plugin?

How to Start a WordPress Podcast With Simple Podcast Press Plugin? – A Review
Flora Zimmerman

If you already publish your podcasts in iTunes or have a podcast feed, provide either link (iTunes URL is recommended so you can see all your world-wide iTunes Reviews) in the respective field. If you don’t have any of these, click ‘Continue‘ to enter into the actual settings page. You can reconnect anytime you want by clicking the ‘Reconnect My Podcast Feed‘ located at the bottom of the settings page.
Monica Lucas

Podcast media files can be uploaded directly into WordPress, hosted on the integrated Castos platform, or hosted on any other site – in the latter case all you’ll need to supply is the URL to the file. Please note that episode lengths and file sizes can only be automatically calculated for files that are hosted on the same server as the website – either way though, you can input them manually.

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Mamie Mitchell

To set up Simple Podcast Press, you simply enter your iTunes or SoundCloud URL, and the plugin will do the rest. Unique pages for each of your episodes are created, and a mobile-friendly player is inserted. This is automatically accompanied by the full description of your episode, as well as any images taken from your podcast feed. Thereafter, each time you publish a new episode, your WordPress site will automatically update.
Phyllis Cohen

Blubrry PowerPress does not include media statistics built-in. This is not because Blubrry has its own statistics service, although that’s a good reason by itself. Maintaining and calculating statistics is a resource and server intensive task that would add bloat to an otherwise efficient WordPress podcasting plugin. We recommend using your media hosting’s web statistics to give you basic download numbers and, if you are seeking more grandular measurements such as client and geographical information for each episode, you’re more than welcome to use the Blubrry Statistics service as well.

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Dawn Cunningham

A managed WordPress hosting plan should also make it easy to install WordPress. At DreamHost, WordPress comes pre-installed on our DreamPress plans — right out of the box. If you opt for a different plan, you can easily add WordPress through our one-click installer. Just log in to your DreamHost account, navigate to WordPress in the sidebar, and select One-Click Installs.

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Lan Pacheco

Thanks so much for including Seriously Simple Podcasting in this resource on best podcasting plugins for WordPress. I’m the owner of the plugin, and our integrated podcast hosting platform, and would love to hear from podcasters out there as to their feedback on our tools. We work very hard to make it the easiest to use and most powerful solution in WordPress for all podcasters. If anyone has questions for us we’ll be following in the comments here, just drop us a line.

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