How to Start a WordPress Blog and Get Oodles of Readers?

How to Start a WordPress Blog and Get Oodles of Readers?
Margherita Boyle

Neil Patel, one of the super bloggers of the world, says, “Blogging is how I market my businesses, build my brand, sell products, and help others thrive. It’s all about the blog.” In his How to make a blog tutorial, Neil explains that “A blog can serve as the foundation of just about anything you want — a personal brand, an enterprise level business, a multi-million dollar content provider, a startup.”

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Carrie Tran

There is a free version of WordPress available, but do yourself a favor and spring for the paid version. As I mentioned before, I started with a free blog platform (not WordPress) because I was new and trying save money and knew nothing about how to start a blog. This was when I focused a lot on my blog Then, after I got some local news coverage, traffic to my blog spiked. Yay! I’d hardly finished celebrating before I was hit by a spam bot and completely lost control of my blog. Boo! I then spent hours trying to reclaim MY blog so I could get back to work. I had to verify my identity and ownership of the site … long story short it was a complete time suck. All the while, of course, visitors to were seeing “Sorry, this page doesn’t exist.” Grrrr …

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Veronique Schweitzer

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How To Start A WordPress Blog (For Your Podcast Or Otherwise) 2019
Dorthea Cato

It can be a bit of a pain to switch web hosting providers (transferring your database, DNS settings, etc.) so if investing $30/month for speed, security, support, and peace of mind doesn’t sound bad, I highly recommend hosting with Kinsta right from the start.

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