How to Start a Travel Blog (to Make Money on the Side) in 2018

How to Start a Travel Blog (to Make Money on the Side) in 2019
Lottie Horne

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How to Start a Travel Blog and Make Money: Step-by-Step Tutorial
Eliana Ohara

Using a brand name in the domain may not be an option for you when you’re just starting off. So, you should do the next best thing, select a name which you can build into a brand. Something that’s short, easy to recall, and maybe a bit quirky. Keyword-based names are good too, though you’ll find that most are already taken up.

How To Start A Travel Blog And Make Money in 2019
Stefanie Katz

The best way to start growing an audience is to simply start producing content. Many beginning bloggers find posting something new 2-3 times a week is a good way to attract their first readers. If you stick to a regular posting schedule, tag your posts with appropriate search keywords, and share them via social media with your friends and family, over time you’ll begin to develop a following. Most of all, remember to keep doing what you love — it takes time, but it’s worth the adventure.

How to Start a Travel Blog & Make Money in 2019
Tonya Mcgee

‘What do you actually do?’ is the most common question I get when I tell people I’m a travel blogger. As surprising as it sounds travel blogging can be an actual job and it became mine in 2015. Unfortunately, you can’t just ‘get this job’ overnight. Whether you want to blog professionally or privately here’s a mini guide on how to start a travel blog. You’ll also find out what to consider when you start, as some things are irreversible.

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