How to stand out in any niche using humor

How to stand out in any niche using humor
Kathryn Reese

So how do you write a joke? Get a piece of paper and write sixty weird or funny things about your content area (alternatively you can use a mind map). It doesn’t have to be hilarious, so don’t self censor right away. Review your list the next time you write a post and see if you can incorporate one of your weird things. If you can compare anything on your list to something in pop culture, do that too! Those posts (ex. ten ways that my content area is like The Hangover) are easily sharable and funny.

The Trellis Blog
Monnie William

The truth is, no matter what business you choose to go into, you’re going to have competition. The difference with blogging is that that competition isn’t limited to where you live – it’s worldwide. That doesn’t mean you can’t stand out and grow a successful blog, even in a saturated blogging niche. To separate yourself from the crowd, consider these 7 ways you can stand out.

How to Stand Out in a Niche full of Jerks
Kali Stackhouse

Really excellent post Darren. I’m a relative newbie and these points are consistent with what others in the niche have been saying. It makes it easier to identify the “jerks” or folks who just haven’t a clue about what they’re doing. Happily, it does appear that many of them are not consistent and just fall off the radar after a while. The main point I got from this was to be more consistent myself. My blob posts are not consistent in that I don’t post often enough. I shall use your words to inspire me to post more often.
Thanks again,

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