How to Split Post or Page Title in WordPress
Remona Friedman

Go to either Add/Edit a Post, Page or Custom Post Type and you will find a grey bar underneath the title text field. To the left of that bar you will see a / button, once pressed this will add a marker at the start of the title. Now by clicking on a character in the title, the marker will move to that position and that is where the page break will occur in the title. You can add as many markers as needed to the title.

How to Split Test Blog Post Headlines for WordPress
Kathleen Lawrence

The bar chart gives you a quick visual overview of how each title is performing throughout the week. The exact number of views pop up when you hover over each bar. Views indicate the number of times each title was displayed for a specific page or blog post. Impressions include the number of times a title has been displayed in search results, a sidebar widget, blog post archives – anywhere your posts are listed within your website. Percentages tell you the likelihood of a title being shown next. Return visitors will always see the same title.

How to Remove Page Title in WordPress
Mable Jordan

On the other hand, if you are not yet ready to make tweaks in your PHP theme files and stylesheets, go for TemplateToaster, a website maker which is made to make your theme designing process as easy as possible! No technical skills or adding a line of code is needed to remove the page title. Just tick the Hide Title tab and you are done with 1 click of the mouse! Simple. Right? We made it so.

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