How to Split Large XML Files in WordPress

How to Split Large XML Files in WordPress
Kit Suarez

WordPress comes with built in import/export functionality that allows you to import or export your WordPress posts in XML format. When moving your site from to and in other transfer scenarios, sometimes these export files are larger than your web host’s upload limit. In those cases, you really have two options. You can either ask your WordPress web hosting provider to increase your maximum upload limit. The second option is to simply split your large XML files into multiple smaller files, so you can upload them one by one. In this article we will show you how to split large XML files in WordPress.

How to Split Large XML Files for WordPress [Quicktip]
Cora Mullins

Both solutions on Mac and Windows are pretty much similar, although you are using different programs and scripts. The process is simple and fast, making your migration process easy with WordPress. There are many other ways to backup your WordPress files, but this approach of splitting XML files manually does not take a lot of your time.

How to Split Large XML Files in WordPress using various tools
Christena Inman

To illustrate the point better and realistically, let us assume that you have an existing blog in Google’s Blogspot or These platforms are absolutely free, and hence, some find it ideal to start their blog and then eventually move on to or other paid platforms. The process of migration from one platform to the other requires exporting an XML file which contains all the posts that you have on your blog. If you blog has too many posts, naturally, the size of the exported XML file will be very large. When you will upload it to your new web server to retrieve those posts, the file will not upload as the bandwidth for upload set by your web host is getting crossed. You can ask your web host increase the limit but in most cases, they will not as it is a universal limit. Therefore, the only way out is to split large XML files in WordPress. After splitting them into smaller files, you need to upload them one by one.

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