How to Show Related Pages in WordPress

How to Show Related Pages in WordPress
Tess Stanford

To reiterate Al Harji’s comment, this tutorial was very timely as this was something I was starting on today with my site. However, when I went to install both YARPP and CRP, WP showed “not available” for both. I’m using GoDaddy’s Managed WP with 2014 theme. This is the first time I’ve received this message for any plugin. Checked the WP support forum but no luck. Any ideas?

How to Show Related Pages in WordPress With /Without Plugin
Patsy Lindsey

On the Setting page, the first two sections can be ignored, and you only need to scroll down to ‘Display Options for your website’ section. Under Automatically Display option, check the box before Pages and lever the boxed before Posts and Media blank. Then select to show related pages as a list or show pages’ thumbnails.

How to Show Related Posts in WordPress?
Kristine Mcdonald

Related Posts option is an excellent way of increasing your page views and average session duration per user which indirectly has an impact on your direct revenue. If your visitors can find more posts related to the content that they are currently reading, it keeps user engagement at the highest level. So opt for the best options for the right technique to keep your one time visitors stick around to your site and make them consume more content from your website and thus become your long-term readers. You can use any option of your preference to achieve the task – use the coding if you are comfortable with the concept or go with a good plugin that achieves the task without your intervention.
Melania Tripp

There are 2 things that are done or possible.
The Javascript Chosen.js is being used so you can easily navigate through the select-box.
Also, you can select on the Options page to not list all post types. This will trim down the number of posts that are listed.
For each posttype a maximum of 500 posts will be listed.

How to Use Google Matched Content to Show Related Posts in WordPress
Jody Banks

Did you know that you can use Google AdSense to also show related posts in WordPress? Matched Content is a Google AdSense feature that allows you to show related posts in WordPress while also make money by displaying ads alongside. In this article, we will show you how to easily use Google Matched Content to show related posts in WordPress.

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