How to Show Registration Date in WordPress User Profiles

How to Show User Registration Date in WordPress
Arianna Melancon

Insightful article. WordPress is the most user friendly CMS that can create complex websites with very less or no technical knowledge. It comes with rich set of modules and plugins that can transform your digital dream into a reality. However, it is important to identify the secured and authenticated tools for your WordPress website to improve the overall website security. WP is capable of handling multiple sites with multiple users which has been a requirement of big organizations. WP provides some great features to manage user accounts and prevent the website from unauthorized access using certain plugins with your website. There are also tools to enhance the user experience like the one described in the article to provide a great personal feel to the user.

How to Show User Registration Date in WordPress
Cristina Cox

You can connect to your website via FTP-client, and then go to the folder / wp-content / plugins / and download it in your file membersince.php. After this, you will need to go to the section with plug-ins in the admin panel and activate your new plugin. That is all. If you go to edit the list of user profiles, you should see the date of registration.

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How to Display Registration Date in WordPress User Profiles
Alberta Phelps

We saw how easily with the help of ProfileGrid we could display registration date in WordPress user profiles. This plugin can add unique features to your site and also provides several extensions of its own. It can integrate other plugins on user profiles through custom tabs and offer its own list of shortcodes. Its predefined list of fields makes it a cakewalk to create registration forms. So have fun with ProfileGrid and create smart sites without knowing much coding or website development.

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