How to Show Recent Comments in WordPress Sidebar

How to Show Recent Comments in WordPress Sidebar
Vi Neville

Are you looking to add recent comments in your WordPress sidebar? Recently, one of our readers asked if we could cover how to display recent comments in WordPress. That’s why in this article, we will show you how to easily show recent comments in WordPress sidebar or other widget-ready areas.

How to Show Recent Comments in WordPress Sidebar
Kali Stackhouse

You open the settings of Most Commented widget. Enter the title that will be displayed in the sidebar. In the Display, you can choose what will be displayed posts and pages together or separately. In the Maximum number of results, the number of exhibiting commented articles that will be displayed. You can also put a limit output for the most commented posts. Later do not forget to save the changed settings.

How to show recent comments in WordPress Sidebar
Joann Townsend

When you actively read and respond to the comments of your website’s visitors, you show an affirmation that your website is open for conversation with them, you care about the people who visit your website and genuinely are interested to help them, address them and solve their issues(if any). So as to address their comments and reply to them you need to first be able to view the comments your visitors leave your website. To help you address this issue, in this tutorial we will explain – how to show recent comments in WordPress sidebar, which will help you to view all the comments made by your visitors and hence make your page a highly responsive one.

How to show recent comments in WordPress Sidebar
Parthenia Fortier

At WPAll, our primary motive is to help you learn all about WordPress in the simplest and easiest way possible. That is why we design our tutorials in a way that the technicalities are not avoided, but yet the simplicity is maintained so that everyone can learn WordPress easily. If you liked this video, please like us on Facebook, Twitter and do subscribe to our YouTube channel. For more WordPress video tutorials, Stay Tuned !

How To Show Recent Comments In The WordPress Sidebar
Renea Bedford

Just a couple of days ago, a WordPress beginner asked me about the different ways to add recent comment widget in the WordPress sidebar.

How-to: Show Recent Comments To Your Sidebar In WordPress
Sara Romero

Make your site look alive! One of the best ways to boost engagement on your site is by “displaying the most recent comments”. This may encourage users to join the conversation. In this post, I’ll teach you how to show the latest comments on your WordPress sidebar. Take a look at how it will look like:

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