How to Show Random Quotes in WordPress Sidebar

How to Show Random Quotes in WordPress Sidebar
Arianna Melancon

However, I was thinking today that I would like readers to be able to not only browse through my quotes but also click to share them. I thought maybe downloading another plugin, such as a Click-To-Tweet plugin, would give me the option to make these quotes shareable – but that doesn’t seem to have worked.

How to Show Random Quotes in Widgets for WordPress Site
Veronica Meyer

1. [quotcoll]: It shows all the quotes from your library.
2. [quotcoll author=“Name”]: It will enable you to display quotes attributed to a particular author.
3. [quotcoll tags=”tag1, tag2,tag3″]: It allows you to display entries listed by those categories. You can have any number of tags.
4. [quotcoll orderby=”random” limit=1]: Use it for displaying random quotes. If you want to display more than one entry, just change the limit.

Hired In A Week
Margaret Vargas

Do you want to display your favorite quotes in your WordPress site? Perhaps you have inspiring and motivational quotes that you want to auto-rotate in your sidebar? In this article, we will show you how to easily add random quotes in WordPress sidebar.

How to Display Random Quotes in a WordPress Sidebar
Tess Stanford

Depending on the nature of your website, displaying quotes can fit in perfectly. There is a quote for almost any situation and if there isn’t, you can just make one of your own. The plugin allows you to manually enter any quote and author, but don’t abuse it. For example, if you are posting “A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new” which is a famous Albert Einstein quote, do not put your name or the wrong person’s name as the author. This can take away your website’s credibility.

How to Show Random Articles in WordPress
Jung Wilbanks

If you are posting actively on your blog you may find like me that your old articles get forgotten and they get less attention from your readers. You could create sticky posts but it’s not a definitive solution, so apart from using a magazine layout, how to revive these articles ?

How to Display Random Quotes on Your WordPress Website (In 4 Easy Steps)
Livia Jeffery

Quotes Collection is a straightforward plugin that makes the process of displaying quotes on your website easy. You can create a library of quotes, then either add them to a sidebar or use shortcodes to include them on a post or page. The shortcodes enable a variety of display options, so you can focus on quotes listed under a specific author or tag. Alternately, you can simply set up your quotes section to show a random entry every time a user visits the page.

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