How to Show Last Visited Posts in WordPress

How to Display Last Visited Posts to a User in WordPress
Retha Poston

Did you ever wonder how websites like Amazon show you recently viewed items even when you are not logged in? Most online shopping sites use cookies to display recently viewed items to their users. This helps users review their options, compare products, and revisit items they liked. In this article we will show you how to display last visited posts to a user in WordPress. The goal is to keep users interested, remind them of usefulness of your website and build brand recognition.

How to Show Last Updated Date for Posts in WordPress
Brandi Flores

Furthermore, Google also pick up the date that appears on the post and display it in the SERPs, informing users about how timely the post is. That way, if users sees your post in the search results, they are more likely to click through to the page, as they assume that the information available will be up to date.

How to Show “Last Updated Date” in WordPress Posts
Shelley Diaz

I’m migrating some posts from one blog to a new one. Because we’re not doing a full export/import, I’ll have to manually migrate the media. This means that we’ll have to re-set the featured image on each post. However, this is going to cause your plugin to mark them all as “last updated on” whatever date we added the Featured image. Is there some way we can avoid that? For all the posts where we only re-add the featured image, I’d like to not show “last updated.” Is there some workaround for this?
Elisa Rivera

Since Posts Viewed Recently plugin uses cookies so it is your responsibility to obtain user consent before using the plugin to comply with GDPR. Generally, your GDPR related WordPress plugin/implementation should be able to delete cookies upon rejection by the user. In such case, the plugin won’t output anything.

How to Show the Last Updated Date in WordPress
Grace Smith

If you’re unfamiliar with child themes, you should learn more about them, especially if you plan on customizing your WordPress theme. Child themes are not as complex as they sound, and they’re not hard to create. A child theme isn’t just a second version of your main theme like some people might think. It’s a set of just a few core files, including the functions.php and CSS files that tell WordPress to use the main theme and also use the code from the files inside the child theme as the dominant code. In other words, if your theme’s CSS file has the background color set to black, but your child theme’s CSS file has the background color set to blue, the child theme’s CSS style will dominate and override the main theme’s CSS.

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