How to Share Private Posts with User Groups in WordPress

How to Share Private Posts with User Groups in WordPress
Brandi Flores

WordPress allows you to create private posts and even password protected posts. The problem with private posts is that you need to have editor level permissions to see this post. But what if you wanted to share post with only a specific group of people such as family members or work team? In this article, we will show you how to share posts with users groups in WordPress.

How to Allow Users to Access Private Posts in WordPress
Melania Tripp

Today, I will demonstrate how to allow users to access private posts in WordPress with the WP JV Post Reading Groups plugin. The plugin allows you to create groups and grant them permission to private posts and pages. You first need to create a group and then you can assign a group access to a particular private post. Different groups can have access to different private content. The plugin is very simple to use and should take a few minutes to set up.
Laurie Castro

WP Private Content Plus is a plugin that protects your content from different type of users. It involves many user management related features. This version is not capable of handling user related functions such as frontend login, frontend registration, member directory and user profile search. So we have integrated WP Private Content Plus with popular User Profiles Made Easy plugin to offer complete features related to user management and content protection. WP Private Content Plus handled the content restriction management while User Profiles Made Easy handles frontend user features related to content restriction.

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