How to Set Up WordPress Error Logs in WP-Config

Как включить Error-логи на WordPress сайте через wp-config.php
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С помощью этого кода вы переведете WordPress в режим отладки (debug mode). Нужно быть готовым к тому, что при включении режима отладки WordPress начнет отображать все предупреждения и ошибки на сайте в самом верху страницы как в админке, так и на самом сайте.

How to Set Up WordPress Error Logs In WP-Config
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The most frustrating errors are the ones you have to figure out and debug yourself. It’s important that you monitor all the errors that happen on your site. Otherwise, your data transfer capacity could be disrupted. Glitches could happen that drive visitors away. Your site might even stop working completely.

How to Set Up WordPress Error Logs using WP-Config
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The wp-config.php file is a WordPress configuration file that contains imperative WordPress settings. These settings advise your site how to associate with your WordPress database, which database table prefix to utilize, and produces confirmation keys to make your WordPress site more secure.

How to Set Up WordPress Error Logs in wp-config
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In this tutorial, we are going to provide you with step by step instructions on how to set up WordPress error logs in wp-config. The wp-config.php file in WordPress may help you find and fix problems in WordPress scripts, WordPress themes and plugins and give you feedback on what is wrong with your website.Related ArticlesHow to Build a Business Website for F…
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