How to Sell Your WordPress Blog at Flippa (Interview with Matt Mickiewicz)

How to Sell Your WordPress Blog at Flippa
Laurie Castro

Syed Balkhi from WPBeginner interviews Matt Mickiewicz, Co-Founder of,, and for his tips on selling blogs on Flippa.

The State of the Blog Sales Market: Interview with Andrew Knibbe of Flippa
Xenia Seal

The social media footprint is an interesting one, too. If the blogger or the person selling has done it right, the social media’s all attached and quite clean. But if they’ve got their personal Twitter account, for example, that’s driving traffic to the blog, that’s likely to not be included as part of the sale, and that’ll probably reduce the value of the blog if that’s a big source of traffic for that blog, or the audience. So that’s an important point.

Matt Mickiewicz
Kristyn Barrios

“The best employees for promoting organizational learning are often those who never leave well enough alone, pointing out mistakes and flawed practices. But those who management rates as top performers are often those who silently do what they’re told and what has always been done—and don’t annoy their superiors with complaints and questions about flawed practices…  And managers who lord over big teams and keep adding underlings are rewarded with prestigious titles and big raises—even when their ever-expanding army of bureaucrats adds unnecessary rules and procedures that sap time and energy from people who do the most important work.”

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