How to Sell Ads in Your WordPress Blog with BuySellAds

How to Sell Ads in Your WordPress Blog with BuySellAds
Inez Ross

There is no better way to explain this aside from sharing our story and experience. We started using BuySellAds in September 2009 (WPBeginner was founded in July 2009). By this time, we have built-up a fairly decent amount of readers to the site, however the site was still very new. The only way for us to get advertisers would be to create a list of companies that might be interested then send out an email asking for them to advertise (Yes, that comes of pretty SPAMMY). So this could potentially hurt our reputation, but it would have also been very time consuming. Finding advertisers (sending and replying to all those emails), keeping the current advertisers happy (offering them analytics), collecting payments (reminding those who haven’t paid), etc. By no means, we are suggesting that there are not plugins which cannot do that. OIO Publisher Plugin that we use on this site, does that job very well. However, BuySellAds provided us with something that no WordPress plugin can provide: good base of advertisers who are looking to spend money on advertisements.

When and How to Sell Ads on Your WordPress Site
Becky Gardner

As with many big names out there, BuySellAds has many who love it and many others who aren’t the biggest fans; however, the site does offer the wonderful service of automating the majority of selling ad space on your site (although, that’s only for the premium upgrade). One reason why so many turn to BuySellAds is because it connects them and potentially you with top advertisers so you’ll have the possibility to gain big name advertisers for your site.

How to Sell Ads on Your WordPress Blog (Step by Step)
Eliana Ohara

Advertisers usually purchase this type of ads on websites with higher traffic matching their target demographics. You can sell ads directly through your website by creating an ‘Advertise Here’ page. Alternatively, you can also join programs like BuySellAds or DoubleClick by Google.

Review of for Blog Advertising
Perla Thorne

There are a number of good points about using to sell advertising space on your blog. First, does all the work for you once you set up your blog listing in the publisher directory and paste the provided HTML code appropriately into your blog. You can set up your account so that all ads are automatically approved or you can set it up so you have to manually approve ads. This is a great feature as it provides you with as much control as you want in terms of determining the types of ads that appear on your blog. Furthermore, payments occur through the interface, so you don't have to handle transaction processing with advertisers.

Honest, efficient advertising for publishers and marketers
Eun Varney

Get the most out of every impression and reach highly-qualified audiences on curated publisher properties. No distracting ads or invasive data–just respectful, brand-safe placements that drive results.

Sell Ad Space on WordPress with
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Top 7 Best BuySellAds Alternatives to Monetize Websites
Mikaela Werner

I just got approved and created my first ad but it does not show the accurate traffic site gets. and, I’d say there is no big competition as not so many websites are listed in the marketplace and that’s a great thing from beginner angle.
let’s see what happen next. [14 Dec 2018]

Top 10 Ways To Sell Advertising Space On Your Website
Nedra Vanhorn

Sponsored Reviews is a very good place to make money easily, it is a marketplace for selling and buying sponsored reviews on blogs. So, Instead of ads, you will sell or buy sponsored reviews on different blogs. As a publisher (blogger), you will make money by writing reviews on your blog around topics of your choice, so you can get paid for your regular blogging activities, which is very cool 8). Sponsored reviews can accept any blog easily as they don’t have restricted requirements, all you need is to have a blog (at least 3 months old) with original content and that is getting a normal amount of traffic. As an advertiser, you can advertise your blog, product or services on other people blogs of your choice and paying money for being honestly reviewed by those blog owners on sponsored reviews. This is one good way to make you more money, get more traffic and also a good backlinks juice from relevant blogs.

BuySellAds Review – How to Get Approval from It.
Marianne Foster

C – If you don’t have blog or site on your own domain name, you will not get approval from it. It means if you have a blog on free blog networks like WordPress or Blogspot then you will not be approved to become a publisher.

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