How to Search By Category in WordPress

How To Create Search By Category Functionality In WordPress
Flavia Woodworth

Search by category is a an usual functionality in almost websites that allows you to search in a specific category instead of whole website for more accurate results. It is very useful if your website is well-structured by categories (for example: an e-commerce websites that each category presents one type of products). Unfortunately, this functionality is not implemented in WordPress. In this article, we’ll see how to extend the WordPress’s default search functionality to allow search by category.

How to Exclude Categories from Search in WordPress
Tricia Floyd

However, the search function on WordPress obliterates all these distinctions. If you use the built-in widget for search on your sidebar, it will pull in every single post or page that matches the chosen term. This risks breaking the segmentation of your site. It might surface some posts or pages that wouldn’t fit what a casual surfer is looking for. Whatever your reason, in this article you’re going to look at how to exclude categories from search in WordPress – and some other tricks as well!

How to Search in Categories in WordPress
Alanna Marrero

Categories and subcategories are used to sort your content and make it easier to find. A very useful analogy when deciding on categories and subcategories is to think of categories as the parent and subcategories as the child. Subcategories are useful for breaking down larger topics. For example, animals would be a category and dogs, cats, and elephants would be a subcategory. This is extremely helpful for larger and more complex categories and allows you to break down large and vague topics like technology and separate your content.
Freda Moody

By default the search is only for products and never for categories.
Check if you have some plugin or something your theme forcing search for categories.

How to add Search By Category In WordPress
Lucienne Coon

Before few days I was working in one WordPress site which require a search by category functionality. Search by category functionality is for the site as per theme so I thought is not a good idea to use a plugin for such functionality, to write code in the theme is worth more. it is better that it is integrated into the theme because more number of plugin in WordPress, will affect the speed of site and slow down.

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