How to Schedule WordPress Posts for Social Media with BufferApp

How to Schedule WordPress Posts for Social Media with BufferApp
Jung Wilbanks

Social media is a important source of traffic for any website. It can however be time consuming to send out announcements over every social media outlet. In this video, we will show you how to schedule WordPress posts for social media with BufferApp

How to Schedule WordPress Blog Posts with Bufferapp
Christie Morgan

Buffer is a scheduling service that allows you to automatically schedule the social media posts across various social networks. It supports four major social media platforms: Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Linkdin. The social media app also offers detailed analytics, which you can use to find the optimal posting times for your site. Other features including scheduling report and URL shortening service. You can also connect your own custom domain for shortening URLS, using account.

Build your audience and grow your brand on social media
Tess Stanford

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How to Schedule Social Media Posts Like a Pro [Infographic]
Brinda Keegan

This data will help you determine which pieces of content resonated with your audience. Use this data-driven approach for deciding which posts to repurpose into new media or recycle (post again).

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