How to Schedule Actions on Your WordPress Posts

How to Schedule Actions on Your WordPress Posts
Lottie Horne

Have you ever wanted to automate certain actions on your WordPress posts? By default you can only schedule when you post but there is a way to schedule more actions. In this video, we will show you how to schedule action on your WordPress posts.

How to Add a Calendar to Your WordPress Site With the Events Schedule Plugin
Perla Thorne

Select Classes from WordPress’s left-hand menu and select the class that you want to assign some tickets to. Scroll down to the Class Settings section, which should contain a new WooCommerce tickets tab. Select this tab, and then, in the Capacity field, enter the total number of tickets that are available for this class. In Button label, enter the text that should be displayed alongside your ticketing button, for example Book Now or Reserve your place. 

How to Schedule Upcoming Posts in WordPress
Yvette Garrett

CoSchedule have compiled a collection of studies researching when the optimal time to publish posts is – check that out here. For example, a KISSmetrics study showed mornings received peak traffic, particularly on Mondays. Although statistics will vary from blog to blog, if you want to test the recommended peak time on your blog, go ahead and schedule a post for next Monday morning at 11am EST!

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