How to Restrict Usernames in WordPress

How to Restrict Usernames in WordPress
Kristin Patterson

If a user tries to register with a name that is restricted, then they will see an error. It is important to remember that this plugin does not modify any existing users. So if someone already has a username “admin” then it will not be affected. Admins always have the ability to bypass these restrictions. So if microsoft wants to create an account on your website, you can easily create it for them.

How To Restrict Usernames In WordPress
Jung Wilbanks

If you manage a WordPress blog where anyone can register, then you might wanna restrict usernames in WordPress. If anyone can register in your website, then they can also pick any username, such as moderator, developer, spam, comment, email, download and more.

How to restrict some defined usernames in wordpress administrator [closed]
Eun Varney

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Courtney Page

This plugin allows you to Restrict a particular or certain username, email addresses or symbols,
or email from specific domain names in the form registration when registering for your site
and you can allow to use a certain language (arabic cyrillic latin …)
or all languages and characters and symbols, you can also control and modify all errors messages
and allow certain characters (Symbols and characters accented as é û),
and you can control and adjust all settings from the plugin settings page in admin Panel.

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