How to Restrict Content to Registered Users in WordPress

How to Restrict Content to Registered Users in WordPress
Arianna Melancon

Each payment gateway has different configuration settings. You will need to provide your PayPal email address for PayPal Standard. You will need API keys if you are using PayPal Pro or Express. Similarly, you will need API keys for other gateways too. You can obtain these keys by logging into your account on your payments service provider.

How To Restrict Content To Registered Users In WordPress
Glenda Logan

In the case of, their blog posts can be accessed by anyone, even visitors that have not registered a free account can read their articles. SitePoint premium is a different service for developers that aim to provide developer or learners with new skills for technology. They restrict content according to subscription and keep content restricted from a different set of users. The method enables them to monetize their content and make sure that everyone gets what they pay.

How to Restrict Content in WordPress to Registered Users?
Jackelyn Cooley

Thanks Madhulika for making our lives easier with your precise information on how to setup restricted content in WP.
This sounds like a very good idea to promote material for VIP members/customers.

How to Restrict Content to Registered Users in WordPress
Xenia Seal

On the other hand, bloggers use content restriction to monetize their higher quality content. There are also other reasons involved for restricting your content. There can be users who want to view confidential data, personal data, prorated services, etc. With content restriction, you have an extra level of control for granting permission to users who you see fit.

How to Restrict Content By Member in WordPress
Doloris Denham

Additionally, the plugin allows for the creation of discounts and reports your earnings effectively. With regard to discounts the plugin produces a shortcode which activates the discounts, this makes it easy for other websites to share your discounts specifically speaking coupon sites.You can set a specific discount percentage and set the expiry date on the discounts as well. If you’d like to, you can set a limit on the number of times the discount code can be used.

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