How to Restrict Authors to Specific Category in WordPress

How to Restrict Authors to Specific Category in WordPress
Anja Garnett

like Employee A page already published and online for viewers.. Author A assigns to Employee A page.. Author A do changes to Employee A page, now changes don’t get publish but email sent to administrator that changes to Employee A page has been made by Author A.
administrator either approves changes or discard changes. on approval Employee A page online version updated for visitors.

How to Restrict Authors to a Specific Category or Media in WordPress
Lucy Bates

If you have a multi-author site where each author works on a separate topic, you can limit their access to a particular category or media. This helps you run your site efficiently with a good editorial workflow. In this article, I will show you how to restrict authors to a specific post category or media in WordPress.

Limiting Author Access to Categories in WordPress
Sherita Diamond

If you are running a multi-author blog or website where several authors are trying to push out content, it is only natural to assign certain categories to certain authors. This helps you, as an administrator or editor, to better manage the website and the authors to focus their efforts on that specific category. If you are in need of limiting authors to post only in a few assigned categories in WordPress, here is how to set that up.

Restrict Authors to Specific Categories in WordPress, the Easy Way!
Kathleen Lawrence

WordPress comes with a great user-management system. Another way to limit a user’s capabilities is by utilizing this system to add or remove user roles. This system enables each user to have certain capabilities based on the roles they are assigned: Super Admin, Administrator, Editor, Author, Contributor and Subscriber.
In WordPress, each user role has permission levels that allows them to perform certain tasks on the website. As the administrator, you have the ability to perform all actions on your WordPress site. You can give additional capabilities to an existing user role, or take away their capability to perform certain action on the website. Check out the full user role table here.
Latarsha Ashmore

A quick way to “lock down” and make sure e.g. only Administrators can see all content is to create a new Access Level for Administrators with a negated condition group containing “404 Page”. This means that normal users only can see the 404 Page.

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