How to Restore a WordPress Site with Just a Database Backup

How to Restore a WordPress Site with Just a Database Backup
Rosemary Jacobs

Hi, I was noticed by my hosting company that hackers have back door to my website so I should clean it and didn’t know what to do, so I did a backup of my theme, plugins, and upload and downloaded it to my local pc. I did not also remove the database. so in all, I have my database and the other files I backed up. Please, can I still get my website back and how? i don’t have the htc.access file and the wp.config file. How do i get my website back as it was?

How to Restore a WordPress Site with Just a Database Backup
Doris Barrett

Let’s simulate a situation in which malicious hackers have acquired the access to your website with one of WordPress themes and WooCommerce templates. Now let’s imagine that they have removed all the posts and pages on the site, reset all settings themes and widgets, and in addition changed the password to access website based on any free or premium WordPress themes.

How to Restore WordPress from a Backup (Easiest Methods)
Stacy Roberson

Kinsta also creates and stores persistent disk snapshots (containing your backup) of every machine in our infrastructure every 4 hours for 24 hours and then every 24 hours beyond that for two weeks. Google Cloud Platform then automatically stores multiple copies of each snapshot redundantly across multiple locations with automatic checksums to ensure the integrity of your data. This means that snapshots are stored in different data centers from the location where they were originally created.

How to Restore WordPress Site from Database Backup Only
Carley Jeffrey

Making a backup of your website’s files and databases is always a good idea. The more backups you make – the bigger chance you’ll suffer fewer consequences from unpredictable events. Whether you removed some files accidentally by yourself or your WordPress got compromised and your files were corrupted by malware, it may still be possible to restore your WordPress site. In this tutorial, you will learn how to restore WordPress, even if you have only a MySQL database backup.

How to Restore a WordPress Site with Just a Database Backup
Jody Banks

We always recommend our users to make complete WordPress backups on a regular basis. But what if you unknowingly used one of the free plugins that only make database backups? In this article, we will show you how to restore a WordPress site with just a database backup. It will not be a complete restore, but we will show you how you can minimize the damage.

How to Restore a Website from Just the Database Backup in WordPress
Elvira Abbott

Having a backup on hand saves a great deal of trouble, lost traffic and possibly lost income. Don’t wait too long to have a proper method for creating copies of the site. Whether it’s a server crash, hackers or malware, not having a quick and easy plan can prove to be devastating.

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