How to Reset a WordPress Password from phpMyAdmin

Change / Reset WordPress password using MySQL / PHPMyAdmin
Xenia Seal

Imagine someone somehow manages to break into your WordPress dashboard, and changes it’s password and email. If you request a “Forget Password”, the reset password link will be mailed to the new email, not to your email. The result will be – you losing control over your WordPress-powered site. I think that’s enough to picturize that traumatic situation.

How to
Corina Pinkerton

Knowing how to reset your WordPress password from phpMyAdmin is one of the essential things you should know about because for some reason if your site is hacked, or something else, you are no longer able to login to your admin panel using the login information, and you are not able to reset the password via email, this method can be very useful. We have helped three users with the same issue therefore we have decided to do this writeup.

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