How to Replace ‘Enter title here’ Text in WordPress

How to Replace ‘Enter Title Here’ Text in WordPress
Tonya Mcgee

Really.. great tutorial. It has helpmed a lot. I have small question. how to change “Title” column to my “custom colomn” in custom post type list and i want to give edit option for that custom column as like “title”. I have been to google about this, it has been found that, by default “Title” comes with “Edit, Trash” etc links. but I want to change “title” to custom column with same edit, trash columns. Thanks in advance.

How to Replace ‘Enter Title Here’ Text in WordPress
Melania Tripp

WordPress shows ‘Enter title here’ as a placeholder text in the title field when you are creating a new post. This can be confusing for some custom post types. In this video, we will show you how to replace the ‘Enter title here’ text.

WordPress. How to replace “Enter Title Here” placeholder text
Eustolia Fincher

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