How to Remove Visual Editor Mode in WordPress

How to Remove Visual Editor Mode in WordPress
Freda Moody

I’m hoping you can help me with my Visual Editor issue. I know this page addresses how to disable the Visual Editor, but I’m hoping you can help to enable my Visual Editor. I am a freelance writer and a client set up a WordPress account for me on her site. I cannot access the Visual Editor. The disable Visual Editor box in NOT checked. And, when I tried to click on Visual, all of my text disappears. The word counter remains the same as if there are invisible words on the page. Perhaps there is something you can tell me that I can forward onto the site owner.

How to Disable / Remove Visual Editor Mode in WordPress
Kerry Reeves

Today WordPress is the first choice for blogging. Because of its attractive features WordPress becomes the best platform for  bloggers and webmasters. Visual Editor is one of the feature of WordPress,  WP introduced this feature to make post writing and editing much easier.You can use Visual Editor to add Heading Tags Formatting tags with a single click, instead of adding them manually.

How to Remove Visual Editor Mode in WordPress
Vi Neville

Do you want to remove the visual editor for WordPress? The visual editor is a WYSIWYG interface that WordPress offers for writing your posts and pages but some users are more comfortable writing in HTML in the text editor. In this video we will show you how to remove the visual editor in WordPress.
Text version of this tutorial:
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Summary of this tutorial:
The Visual editor is there for helping beginners write content on their site without having any HTML knowledge, it includes some basic text editing tools to get you started.
The only negative about this is the visual editor can add additional formatting that is not always needed, while this is not a large issue they can become annoying.
As users get more advanced they tend to go to the text editor to allow them to use HTML for creating the content on the site.
Under Users, Your Profile you would want to check the box that says "Disable the visual editor when writing" and update your profile.
Now when you update your profile you will no longer see the visual editor tab on your editor, preventing you from using it.

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