How to Remove the Welcome Panel in WordPress Dashboard

How to Remove the Welcome Panel in WordPress Dashboard
Faustina Sadler

Hi! I just tried adding the code to the functions.php file in my child theme on a Divi site to remove the Welcome panel. I loaded it on a playground site I use for testing. After saving the functions.php file change, I have refreshed (hard refresh) and logged out and back in. No luck. Any thoughts on why it wouldn’t work? I have other functions.php customizations that are working just fine. Has the code by chance changed since this post came out? Thank you for your help!

HostPapa Knowledge Base
Chantel Michaud

The Welcome panel, located in the dashboard page of the WordPress admin area, consists of different shortcuts to different sections, tasks, and help for new users. It can be very practical when you are starting to familiarize yourself with WordPress. But, as you become a more advanced user, this panel might only push down important widgets that could come in handy for you.

How to Remove the Welcome Panel from the WordPress Admin Area
Kathleen Lawrence

In most areas of WordPress, there is a tab in the top right corner of the screen labeled, “Screen Options.” It is here where tools and windows can be opened and closed simply by clicking check boxes or editing radio buttons. In fact, this is one of the first places you would want to look if you find that you are missing panels in the admin dashboard or text editor.

How to Disable the Welcome Panel in the Dashboard
Sylvie Britt

Are you looking for a way to disable the welcome panel in the WordPress dashboard? It can be useful if you are managing sites for clients and wish to hide things from them. While there’s probably a plugin for this, we have created a quick code snippet that you can use to disable the welcome panel in the dashboard in WordPress.

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