How to Remove the Sidebar in WordPress

How to Remove the Sidebar in WordPress
Mikaela Werner

A sidebar is a default component of any WordPress site. It is visible on the right or left side or underneath the content space on each of your web pages. It can be a valuable addition on any website page. Beginning with displaying the history of the founders to sharing affiliate offers, the sidebars give data about site navigation, contact information, advertisements and other site related content. However, it is not always important to keep a sidebar on your site.

How to Remove Sidebar in WordPress from Any Page/Post
Perla Thorne

Sometimes, you may only need to remove the sidebar on one specific post. If your theme has provided you with the full-width post template, you don’t have to deal with coding. You just need to make a new post and go to Post Attributes meta box. Choose the Full-Width template to remove the sidebar. But, if you can’t find it, you have to make a custom page template by yourself. The steps are quite similar to creating a custom page template for a static page. The only difference is that you will need to copy and edit contents of single.php template file.

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