How to Remove the Remember Me Option from Your WordPress Login

How to Remove the Remember Me Option from Your WordPress Login
Odelia Arndt

The remember me option for your WordPress login is a useful way for users not to need their passwords. This can however be a security risk if you use a public computer or network to do work on your blog. In this video, we will show you how to remove the remember me option from your WordPress login.

Disable Remember Me WordPress Login Page Option
Gwendolyn Sanchez

I heard about Pat’s site. I have been in this situation before but I moved my site asap. I also have a dedicated server and shred hosting. The thing is, I cannot afford to have any big sites shut down as it costs too much in earnings and hassles. If you are on a dedicated server and using all the bandwidth it only is your problem. If you are on a shared hosting server then they will shut you down because your site would be stuffing up everyone’s sites on the server.
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How to Disable Remember Me in WordPress Login
Katlyn Greco

Using this feature on public computers creates a serious security risk for the account. This means that another individual can gain access to the account without needing to log in. Most major websites have safeguards that can track if a visitor is using a private or public computer. Today, I will demonstrate how to disable remember me in WordPress login using the Remember Me Controls plugin.

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