How to Remove the Password Reset / Change option from WordPress

How to Remove the Password Reset / Change option from WordPress
Tess Stanford

Are you looking to remove the password reset option in WordPress? By default, WordPress allows users to reset/change password by providing their email address. Sometimes you may want to disable password reset option in WordPress. In this article, we will show you how to remove the password reset / change option from WordPress.

How to Remove the Password Reset / Change option from WordPress
Carmen Tyler

One of the key issues we noticed while running a demo site for WordPress 3.2 was people kept on changing the passwords. We created a demo site, so people can play around with the new features that were coming in that specific version. We created a simple username demo with a password demo. The project was created for the good of the community, but unfortunately there were users who would just change the password making it harder for others. Now you would think that by simply removing the ability to change the password by hiding the fields would be enough. Well you are dead wrong because some people were really persistent as they would request password reset using emails. Not sure what type of sick pleasure they were getting, but this was a crucial issue for us.

How to Remove the Password Reset, change option from WordPress
Glenda Logan

Look on the work of the plug-in, you can go to the site in WordPress, then you should click on the link Forgot password. It will reveal you a page where you can reset the password setting and try to login with the new user name and e-mail box, which does not have a password reset options.

How to disable reset password in WordPress via login form
Candice Barker

Simply select the user roles or individual users to disable their password change or reset option.
There is also an option to exempt individual users. This option is useful if you want to disable password reset option for all users except yourself.
Don’t forget to click on the save changes button to store your settings.
You can see the plugin in action by visiting the WordPress login page and clicking on ‘Lost your password?’ link. It will take you to the password reset page where you can try entering the username or email address for a user who does not have password reset option.
You will see an error indicating that password reset is not allowed for this user.

How to Remove the “Password Reset or Change” Option From the WordPress Login
Odelia Arndt

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How To Remove Password Change Option From WordPress
Stacy Roberson

I was looking into Visual Composer‘s demo WordPress website, and I noticed that the users were not allowed to change the password of the demo user. It does make sense to not give users ability to change password on your demo WordPress website. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to remove password change option from your WordPress to prevent users from changing the password of their user accounts.

How to Quickly Reset WordPress Admin Password
Jaimie Jamison

We get this question asked a lot here at Kinsta, and that is exactly how to reset WordPress admin password. Typically this occurs when someone has forgotten their password, they don’t have access to their email for a standard password reset, or their WordPress site isn’t sending emails correctly. Today we will walk you through a few quick and easy steps on how to reset WordPress admin password for all the different types of scenarios you might encounter.

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