How to Remove NoFollow From WordPress Comments

How to Remove NoFollow From WordPress Comments
Alberta Phelps

A very good post, I’m just setting up shop and wondered what the nofollow was all about. Now I know. Thanks for a very well written explanation.
The nofollow is just for the SE spiders, and does dicourage commenting for SEO purposes, but those who do comment will still get their link in front of real peoples eyes and the more the merrier.
Thanks again PMB (WOA)

How to Remove NoFollow From WordPress Comments
Perla Thorne

The manual method is based on editing a file comment-template.php, which is located in wp-includes . This file is necessary to remove all the rel = “nofollow” and rel = “external nofollow”. The method works, but it does have one major drawback: when you upgrade WordPress again have to edit this file.

How to Remove NoFollow From WordPress Comments
Classie Dover

By default WordPress automatically adds a nofollow tag to all links in the comments. Recently one of our readers asked if it was possible to remove the nofollow from WordPress comments. In this video we will show you how to remove nofollow from WordPress comment links.
Kerry Reeves

Comprehensive Reference for WordPress NoNofollow/Dofollow Plugins – A concise, current, and comprehensive reference for WordPress no-nofollow and dofollow plugins. Currently featuring 12 dofollow/no-nofollow plugins, this ultimate guide will help you choose the best plugin for your blog.

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