How to Remove Date and Time from WordPress Comments

How to Remove Date and Time from Post & Comments in WordPress
Allene Boynton

If you have not got a chance to update your blog on the regular basis or you think dates of your post are necessary to the viewers. Also out of date post left a bad impression on your viewers, so it is necessary to hide your post or comment date and time from your WordPress blog. Eradicating dates from WordPress posts is feasible and really straightforward. Right here, I’ll present you two easy methods to take away the dates from posts and comments on WordPress blogs.

How to Remove WordPress Date and Time from Comments
Eula Moore

Some believe removing the time stamp on comments helps keep the content free from being viewed as dated. For instance, reading an article from 2008 may seem a bit obsolete. In reality, this completely depends on the information within the content. However, many still remove the date from WordPress comments to avoid looking “too old” to be relevant.

How to Remove Date and Time from WordPress Comments
Aurea Terrell

Do you want to remove dates from the WordPress comments area on your website? Recently bloggers have been wanting to remove comment dates to make their comments look fresh and evergreen. In this article, we will show you how to remove dates from WordPress comments.

How to Remove the Date from WordPress Comments and Keep Your Discussion Fresh
Parthenia Fortier

I go around the web a lot and I gather and analyze a lot of information. In those cases having a date is sometimes important, as I can see if some datum is outdated. In the case of blogs, I think it’s good to see at least the date of the original post and the comments are always relative to that. This is especially important in fields like SEO. E.g. If someone promotes some old SEO strategy and the date is 2017, you know that the guy is not real. You can always go back to an old post and put and “updated” with the current date, which I consider a great solution. In the case of comments, I don’t think date matters.

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