How to Redirect your 404 page to the Home Page in WordPress

How to Redirect 404 page to the Home Page in WordPress
Remona Friedman

There is a solution for that too. Redirection provides a tab to check the URLs which people are typing wrong and the pages where people are getting 404 error. Accordingly, you can copy those URLs and set the target URLs. As a matter of fact, you can also detect bots that are trying to access each and every page to get a loophole to access your website from this list of 404 URLs. You can block such bots by IP address and take necessary security actions.

How to Redirect 404 Error Pages to Home Page in WordPress
Christy Garner

The 404 error means the requested page doesn’t exist on the server. If you are getting multiple 404 errors on your WordPress site and you don’t have any specific page for 404. In this case, you can simply make 301 redirect all 404 requests to your website home page. To do this you don’t need to install the extra plugin on your site, A small PHP code will do this for you.

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