How to Redirect Users to a Random Post in WordPress

How to redirect users to a random post in your WordPress site?
Mattie Miles

When we talk about redirecting, you may have the question like why is it necessary to redirect posts?  By default, your WordPress posts appear in your site reserve chronological order i.e. from newest to the oldest. It can easily cover up your old articles. Your users can cover up with many necessary articles needed. Your website will have many viewers too. It can be useful to your users whereas beneficial to you.

How to Redirect Users to a Random Post in WordPress?
Verla Miner

Why is Redirecting Users to a Random Post in WordPress necessary? It helps site owner to promote their random articles and read posts that are hidden in the blog. In simple words, it does promotion of site’s different old articles which helps to increase site popularity. In this article users will be taught to redirect random post in WordPress.

How to Redirect Your WordPress Blog Readers to a Random Post
Aurea Terrell

We simply can add the text links or button navigation in the sidebar or anywhere. But, it will not always get the readers attention by having the simple text links. We can create a banner for showing the random redirect option with a short text and the redirect (image or button) link. The text should tell about how it will be useful to the readers by redirecting.

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